Natural stone is one of the first materials used by humans in construction. With the sustainability of the time, the variety of colors, natural stones associated with the architectural wonders of mankind such as the Egyptian Pyramid made of Granite; In Italy, the Colosseum is made of travertine, the leaning tower of Pisa is made of Marble; Indian Taj Mahal is made of white Marble and Angkor Cambodian temple is made of Sandstone …

Nowadays, with the modern scientific and technological level, the exploitation, processing and application of natural stone become easier and more popular. Natural stone is used as an indispensable decorative material for every house, hotel, building and many other architectural works. Natural stone is a material that can not be better replaced to bring sustainability, rich natural beauty, luxurious glamor and a classy measure for a project.

About us



Ben Thanh Trading Investment Joint Stock Company (BEN THANH STONE), a member of Saigon Industry Corporation, is the leading supplier in Vietnam in the field of high-class natural stone such as Granite, Marble, Onyx … high. supply to the domestic and international market with a variety of types, origins, aesthetics, top quality, consistent with the needs of many customers. Along with the diversity of products, Ben Thanh Stone’s modern, professional system and operating devices (cranes, specification cutters, polishing machines, edge cutters, etc.) will meet all needs. Our customers’ needs are quickly and accurately. We not only import high quality natural stones from the most famous quarries in the world such as Brazil, Spain, Italy, India, Turkey. …. And becoming a strategic partner of the world’s leading brands speaks volumes about our company’s stature.

Some outstanding achievements:

  • Applying the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2008;
  • Top 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam in 2013 by Vietnam Assessment Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report) in collaboration with VietnamNet Newspaper;
  • Top 300 leading employers in Vietnam (BestViet 300) voted by the National Job Rating Program (BestViet). Entering the list of BestViet are businesses with outstanding achievements in job creation and employee compensation;”Cultural
  • Entrepreneur-Cup of 2013″ by Cultural Entrepreneur Magazine;
  • 3K certification in Vietnam: Business Enterprise “Transparency – Trust – Sustainability” by Vietnam Intellectual Property Association issued in January 2014;
  • Merit of the City People’s Committee :

– Collective: “Successfully completing the mission in 2 consecutive years (2012, 2013)”.

– Mr. Nguyen Tuan Tu – General Director: “Successfully completed the mission for 2 consecutive years (2012, 2013)”.

Why Do You Choose Ben Thanh Stone ?


Many building owners and their households find it very difficult to find the right stone by themselves. However, to complete the project will face a lot of risks such as

  • The stone quality is poor, not the same color, and so on.
  • No stones found that fit the blueprint, with overall colors.
  • Poor construction quality, generating many errors without warranty.
  • The price was too high due to many intermediaries.
  • The long search and preparation time slows down overall progress..

With the current problems of the Ben Thanh Stone market, strategic orientation to become the leading supplier in Vietnam in the field of high-class natural stone, We will support you with advice and provide you with The best quality information so you can choose the right stone for your project. Our specialists will answer all your questions, provide helpful suggestions and guide you through each step of the order process. In addition, our manufacturing and installation team has professional knowledge and skills along with advanced equipment, commitment to long-term warranty and provide customers with products. , service with world-class quality in the shortest time.

Ben Thanh Stone would like to express our sincere thanks to our valued Customers and Partners for their cooperation and support during the past time.

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